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BUCCS Program Overview

Children and
Community for

BUCCS Program

Vision Statement

Bowditch Middle School, where it’s safe for students to be their best, to take academic risks, to respect and be respected.

Teacher Promise Statement

I promise to create a culture in which students feel free to express themselves and to take academic risks. I promise to promote physical and emotional safety by having zero tolerance for negativity or name calling.

I commit to support students in pursuing their best. I will push them to achieve their personal goals and to take pride in their work by holding them to a high academic standard. I will strive to know both my students’ strengths and weaknesses, and to model courage and preparation.

My classroom will be one in which students can take academic risks. I will encourage students to get out of their comfort zone and to try new things, reminding them that it’s okay to ask questions and to make mistakes. Every student is allowed to change and has a right to their voice and opinion, even when it differs from mine.

I promise to maintain a classroom in which students can both give and get respect. I will model forgiveness, patience, accountability and punctuality. I will be real with my students in order to show that respect is a two way street.