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For Teachers

Grant Program

Fill out an online grant application form or download a PDF. To submit PDFs, please turn into the PTSA mailbox. Please turn in all necessary supporting documentation via email to bowditch.pta@gmail.com, or leave copies in the PTSA mailbox in the office. 

Once your grant is approved, you can use one of these forms to secure funds:

Last date for filing a grant: May 1, 2016

Program ends: May 30, 2016

Student Club Proposal

If you are currently running a club for students at school (during lunch, before/after school), or are interested in sponsoring a club, please fill out the application and a PTSA program committee member will get in touch with you to support you in getting the club off the ground. The PTSA thanks you for your commitment to the children!

Club proposals due:  September 30, 2016

Teacher's Dream Program

The Bowditch PTSA is delighted to offer you $100 as part of our Teachers Dream program. Please use this money towards the purchase of supplies and materials for your classroom. Fill out the Reimbursement Request form and return your receipts to the Bowditch PTSA mailbox in the Office, and you will be reimbursed for your purchases. 

Program ends:  December 31, 2016