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PTSA Committees run the various programs that support our parent, teacher and student community at Bowditch Middle School. All of these committees are driven entirely by volunteers.  If you have an interest in helping out with any of the committees listed below, please contact the PTSA at Bowditch.

 The Bowditch Middle School PTSA has a rich tradition of successfully supporting the school through countless hours of volunteering from dedicated parents like you. Please help us preserve that tradition by giving your time. It may be in the classroom at a teacher's request, a run to the store to pick up some supplies, giving time at the Student Store, making costumes for the School Play, and so on. Imagine how much we can do for the school if every one of us takes some time in our busy lives to help out!

The following Committees support programs that are run throughout the school year.

Committee Chairperson
Hospitality Mercedes Carreon
Student Store Debbie Yeung
8th Grade Promotion Jo O'Brien
Founder's Day Mabel Hardman/Susan Kramer
Reflections Divya Malik


Every hour of your time matters. Whenever you volunteer, please enter the amount of time you have volunteered.  We need this data to keep our federal tax-exempt status as a non-profit charitable organization.

We are excited to offer you two options for logging your hours:

Fill out the volunteer log in the Office
Use the online log AVAILABLE HERE
Thank you!