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6th Grade Science Field Trip!

The sixth graders are  going on a field trip! All the sixth graders will, at different times during the day, walk all the way to the Bowditch gymnasium where they will meet representatives from the Lawrence Hall of Science who will provide a science festival.

The festival is called “Build, Engineer, Invent.” It is designed to give students a free-flowing, hands-on experience at being engineers and inventors, with activity stations/tables guided by adult volunteers.

The sixth grade science teachers are requesting some parents to help at this fun festival. Your job is an easy one, just do what you do every day, which is keep an eye on the children and help them when needed. You will be briefed by the Lawrence Hall staff on the station that you will supervise then assist students at that station. It is easy. We did this last year and students really enjoyed the experience.

If you can help us on Tuesday, November 20th, please contact your child’s science teacher via School Loop. Exact times are not yet set, but roughly morning, 8:30 – 11:40, and afternoon. You can sign up for just the morning, just the afternoon, or both.

Finally, a BIG THANK YOU to the Bowditch PTA for supplying the funds for this fabulous event.


  • Dustin Bryan
  • Hemalata Dulur
  • Pearce Ekel
  • Jessica Koyanagi
  • Paul Mooney
  • Cheryl Remedios
  • Jim Remington
  • Jennifer Rogers
  • Christina Smolen
  • Dustin Umberger


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